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    "I'll be fine mom. Yes, I have everything. Yes, the map is in my bag. Of course I have an umbrella. I can't call you again until they set up my phone tomorrow. I know, I know. You worry too much. I know. I love you too. Say hi to dad for me. Bye."

    I sighed lightly as I put the payphone back in its place. It was my first day in Shibuya since picking out my apartment four months ago. I'd thought waiting to move was a smart idea for financial reasons, but now, looking at the rain pouring a foot away from me, I was beginning to have my doubts.

    I picked up the duffel bag sitting at my feet. It held the few necessities I'd need until the moving van would be able to make it to my new home. I opened my pink umbrella before stepping out of the small shelter that surrounded the phone and onto the wet sidewalk. I stopped at a crosswalk close by and unzipped the duffel's outer pocket as I waited for the light to change to walk. "I cross here..." I opened the sheet of paper that had my directions on it. "Left here, and..." A large truck zoomed by and hit the puddle of water in front of me.

    I lifted my directions just in time to avoid it getting soaked, but the lower half of me wasn't so lucky. The bottom half of my skirt was sticking to me, which wouldn't have been so bad if I knew that I could change into something dry when I got home...but my bag was now drenched too.

    "Today is not my day." I mumbled to myself as I crossed the street. Soon after I ended up ducking under a shop's canopy. The front of the shop was wide open, but a drain nearby kept the inside from getting too wet. To the sides I could see the edges of sliding doors that were probably used when it was time to close for the night. An employee with her hair pulled into a ponytail bounced over to me. She looked to be a year or two younger than me, with a cheerful smile. "Oh, you poor thing. How did you get so wet even with an umbrella?"

    I returned her smile with a half-hearted one of my own. "It just seems to be my luck today."

    I placed my umbrella in a stand near the entrance so the floor didn't end up wet. I looked at my bag. Not only was it wet, but I was sure the store wouldn't appreciate me dragging it near the merchandise. "Um...can I leave this here for a bit?" I gestured to a spot near the umbrella stand.

    The girl seemed surprised. "Of course. Are you here to shop? I thought you were just ducking out of the rain for a bit."

    "Well," I looked down at my skirt and bag. "All of my things ended up covered in water, so I thought I'd buy something to change into and something dry to sleep in tonight."

    The shop-girl looked at the bag. "Oh no. That's all you have? Feel free to grab anything you need."

    I was confused as to what the expression on her face was, but when I placed it as sympathy, I quickly shook my head. "No no, it's not everything I have. It's just all I have access to right now. I'm in the middle of moving."

    She seemed to cheer up at that. "Oh! Are you close by?"

    I answered her as I started browsing through a garment rack. "I'm...actually, I'm not really sure. It's harder to navigate in the rain than you'd think it would be. It's an apartment complex off of Tomigaya Street."

    "Tomigaya? Why, you're almost there. Looks like your luck is turning around."

    I hm'd in response. "I sure hope so. It hasn't been a very promising start to university life so far."

    The girl went to the counter and dug around for something I couldn't see. "So you're a student? Are you going to the University of Tokyo? I know the Komaba campus is nearby." She pulled out a box of items and started to tag them as we spoke.

    I gave my head a light shake. "No, I've just enrolled in Tokai University." She gave a nod as though that were acceptable, and I brought the clothes I'd picked to the counter as I fished out my wallet. I was careful to set them away from what she was tagging.

    "I've got a couple of regular customers who'll start there this semester too. Actually, I think one of them lives off Tomigaya too." She scanned the items and handed them back to me, accurately guessing which ones I wanted to wear out of the store. She bagged the rest and tied it so the rain wouldn't make it through. I paid, and she pointed me in the direction of the fitting room.

    I glanced back at my duffel bag, wondering if I really wanted to leave it unattended with the luck I was having today. The shop-girl noticed and laughed lightly. "Don't worry, I'll keep it safe."

    I smiled at her. "Thank you." I bowed to her appropriately and retreated to the fitting room.

    About halfway into changing, I heard the girl greet more customers as they came in. "Ah, Hirose-san, Sometani-san, welcome! Oh, be caref-" I heard a thud followed by some girlish laughter that didn't sound like the employees. "Eh?" The shop-girl continued. "How can you be as cool as you are and be tripped by a bag?"

    I frowned deeply and popped part way out from behind the changing rooms curtain. "If my bag is broken, I'll-" I paused as I realized the three others in the shop-the employee and the two newcomers, a girl and a very tall boy-were definitely staring at me. For a moment I thought it was due to my outburst, but after a very long second I realized it was because more of me appeared from the curtain than it should have. I quickly hid myself. How could I do something so embarrassing?

After scolding myself, I considered hiding there until the other customers left, but in the end the need to make it home before it got too late won out. I finished changing and approached my bag to put away the wet clothes, realizing with dismay that the two people from before were still near it. The girl approached me and knelt down with me as I crouched to put away my items. "We're sorry about...before." She had a slightly sympathetic tone that told me she definitely meant about the curtain and not about knocking the bag over.

    I could feel my cheeks heat up, but I chose to ignore it as I zipped the bag up and stood. "It's alright. It was already soaked anyway."

    The shop-girl smiled at me apologetically. "I really was keeping an eye on it. I just couldn't keep Sometani-san from knocking it over." She gestured to the tall boy from before. He was dressed in a white button-up shirt that might have given him a professional look, if it weren't for the mess of shaggy black hair on his head. The sheepish look he gave as he glanced my way reminded me a little of Sohei, and I gave him a smile to show I didn't mind. He gave me a lopsided smile in return that said maybe he wasn't comfortable around strangers.

    After a moment I turned my gaze back to the girl. She was an inch or so shorter than I was, with her brown hair cropped short. She wore a navy blazer with a knee length pleated skirt of the same color. Beneath the blazer was a collared white shirt, but unlike her companion, it was button-less. I assumed she was Hirose.

    My new outfit matched hers fairly well. I'd chosen a skirt the same shade and length as hers, and I found myself wondering if she bought hers here too. I'd forgone the matching blazer in favor of a sky blue sweater, since it was a little chilly outside. "Oh!" The shop-girl startled me from my observations. "These are the two I was telling you about!" She looked to Hirose. "This is...oh." She turned her gaze back to me. "I didn't get your name."

    I bowed to the three of them. "Miyazaki Yuki. It's nice to meet you."

    The boy stiffly copied my bow, and I found myself wondering how often he introduced himself. "Ren."

    I waited a moment for him to continue, but when he didn't I decided it couldn't be very often. I wondered how the employee managed to get his last name.

    The girl in turn bowed with practiced grace. "Hirose Kaede. Please, call me Kaede."

    I nodded at them. "Kaede-san, Ren-san," I looked to the girl at the counter and she smiled.

    "Chiba Ayame." She turned her attention back to Kaede. "Miyazaki-san is moving in near Tomigaya and will be going to school with you guys. She's had a rough day so far, so be nice to her, okay?" She winked at me. How can someone act so informal but still be respectful? The look Ren was giving Ayame told me he might be thinking the same thing.

    Kaede nodded in response to Ayame. "Of course." She turned to me. "Ren has to pick up a few things, but we'll be heading to his apartment soon after. Do you want to come with us?"

    I was a little taken aback at her casual use of his name, but it quickly dawned on me that they must be a couple. "I'd love to." I didn't know many people yet, and it seemed as good a time as any to try and make friends.

    Soon I found myself walking with them from store front to store front. A part of me hoped I wasn't interrupting a date, but I assured myself that no one would go on a date in this weather. At one store, Ren asked Kaede and I to wait at the entrance while he grabbed what he needed. Well, it was more of a command, but the lack of reaction on his part told me he had no idea that it was rude. The lack of reaction on Kaede's end, however, told me this probably happened often. "Kaede-san?"

    "Hm?" She looked to me. "You don't have to do that, really. I'm used to going by my given name only." She looked at the shocked expression on my face and laughed lightly. "I know, it's unusual. But Ren grew up in a place where no one went by their family name. So its been hard on him, getting used to some of the things we do here." She smiled fondly in the direction Ren was shopping, and it was easy to see the two were very close. "Oh, you had something to say, didn't you?"

    "Actually," I started, "You answered my question...but now there's something else I'm curious about."


    "Well I thought...but since you ask everyone to call you by name..." I hesitated, unsure how to phrase my question without seeming nosy.

    But it seemed I didn't have to. Kaede blushed softly. "We are. We started dating very recently." I nodded in understanding, but she wasn't finished. "But I don't ask everyone to call me Kaede. Just people I know will be good friends." She smiled in a teasing way that didn't quite fit on her innocent seeming face. "So, can I call you by name too?"

    I laughed lightly. "I guess it would be weird to be the only one that didn't, hanging around you guys."

    She smiled back at me, and Ren chose that moment to rejoin us. "Looks like it's time to get going, Yuki."

    Despite giving her permission, I blushed. But I'd made new friends already, and that was all that really mattered.
Nigen no Kemono CH1: Lost
So here is the first official chapter.

Some notes: Both schools mentioned here are actual schools in Shibuya.
                    Ayame is sort of an OC, sort of not an OC. She was meant to be the shopkeeper that talks to Ren's father in the movie, but she remained unnamed, so I named her. Don't worry, she won't have a huge role.
                    This takes place after the end of both movies. Several years after Wolf Children, but almost directly after the Boy and the Beast. Because of this, I decided Ren wouldn't be super accustomed to the formalities that were largely absent in his childhood. Since we don't get to see a lot of things, I am taking a few liberties, but it is fiction.
                    Ayame is a year or two younger than our protagonist, but because she is currently at work, I chose to have her refer to every customer with -san. This goes for ones she doesn't know the name of as well. Sir, Ma'am, customer-san. XD

This will be a slowgoing fanfic, but you'll see Jutengai eventually, I promise. I also apologize because Kyuta/Ren is not actually going to have a huge role.
    When I was little, my mother always wanted the best for my brother and I. After our father died, she did everything she could to keep us safe. And when the time came, she let us choose our own path through life.

    You see, my brother and I were born a little different than most. But, you've heard that story before, haven't you?

When I was still young, Ame made the decision to stay in the forest outside of our childhood home.

I decided to go to school and continue living as a human.

Now and again I miss how things used to be. I miss living with my family and being to young to really know who-or what-I wanted to be.

Yet I've never regretted my decision. I don't think I'd have grown to be the person I am if I'd never met all the humans I know today.

Thinking back on it now is a little funny.

In my mind, there were really only two options.

Am I human?

Or am I a wolf?

I never stopped to consider that maybe,

it was okay to be both.
Ningen no Kemono: Prologue
"It's funny, looking back on it now. In my mind there were really only two options. Am I human? Or am I a wolf? I never stopped to consider that maybe it was okay to be both."

Yuki grew up as a human and finished high school. Now, at 20 years old, she has moved to Shibuya to start college, only to stumble upon a world she never knew existed. After meeting several others she finds herself re-questioning what she is, and where she's meant to be.

Kyuta/RenxKaede, ShinoxJiromaru, slight SoheixYuki, YukixIchirohiko

After seeing the Boy and the Beast for the first time I searched for fanfiction, only to find that there were practically none. So I decided to write some. This is a crossover between it and Wolf Children.

The actual chapters will be longer, but I wanted to have a prologue where you could picture Yuki narrating, just like in the beginning of her movie.

Please tell me what you think, and feel free to let me know if there's anything you want to see, because this isn't completely planned out just yet.
    This is Jacqueline, who was very recently adopted from FunFancyFree-Adopts .

     I imagine she's about 15 here. I'll update this with her personality and more references as I make them~
Part 8: Relations

        Making your decision, you look at her. "It's because I'm from Val-" To your surprise, the moment you started the word she launched herself forward and slammed her hand over your mouth. You stared at each other wide eyed for a moment before she stepped back, removing her hand.

        "You can't speak of it here."

        You were stunned. You had completely forgotten about the curse. At least now you knew you were in a time where the curse still existed. It dawned on you exactly what Azura just did for you. "Thank you...for not letting me disappear."

        She looked at you inquiringly and you could tell she had many questions to ask, but before she could decide to drag you to Valla herself, a girl with pink hair came running up. A girl with long, light brown hair followed behind her, and you recognized them as Princess Sakura and her retainer, Hana. Lady Sakura looked up to your Blue haired companion. "A-Azura, you have to come see!"

        Though she could clearly tell the girl was excited rather than fearful, she still asked her. "Is something wrong?"

        The girl shook her head. "N-no. It's great news! Corrin is here!" You froze. You weren't sure if this was the first time, or if the Corrin of this world had chosen Hoshido to side with.

        Azura smiled softly. "Then let's go see him." And somehow, that one reaction told you all you needed to know.


        The walk to the castle was quiet, and you introduced yourself to the two girls along the way. Sakura, after noticing you, had become much more shy. Azura, on the other hand, seemed pleased to tell you all about her home as they made their way to the center of the palace, where the rest of the royal family, including Corrin, waited. You looked at him, and were a little disappointed to find he looked just like he did in every other default picture of him. There was a small part of you that had hoped he'd looked the way you'd designed him last.

        After a moment, his eyes landed on you, and he headed in your direction. Rather than risk sounding rude by asking who you are, he turned to the two girls that accompanied you. "Who is your new friend?" Azura took on the task of introducing you, though the lack of detail seemed to confuse him. Fortunately for you, you were saved by a red haired girl stealing him away. Hinoka.

        It wasn't long before Sakura went to join them, and at last Azura turned to look at you. "Maybe we should talk while we have the opportunity."

        You looked at her and back to the rest of the royals in the room. If you went with her to Valla, you could come up with a backstory for yourself, and maybe get to stick around long enough to find a way home. On the other hand, if you went with her and you blew weren't really sure what could happen.

        You could ask to stay and meet the others. You could get on good terms with them, and figure out where in the timeline you are. But if you refuse to go with her now, she might think you're hiding something.

        If you choose to follow Azura to Valla so you can talk, go to part 20.

        If you choose to stay and talk to everyone, go to part 21.
A Different Fate pt8
I know some of these are extremely short, but I promise it's for the best. If you want a thread prioritized, please comment which one. Thank you.

Part 20:
Part 21:
Start Over?: A Different Fate pt1 cyoa xreader
Part 7: Valla

        You woke with a groan, a headache pounding above your temple. Looking around you, you saw that you were, somehow, in the ruins of Valla. Blinking, you rubbed your eyes. "Okay, I'm dreaming..."

        "This is not a dream." A voice that sounded very strange and yet familiar spoke to you. Turning to face the speaker, you saw a hooded man with blue locks of hair resting on his chest. "But I do not know how you got here."

        You barely heard him. It was one thing to dream of being in Valla, but he was here, and he was speaking to you, and he looked very real.

        You were face to face with Anankos himself.

        The next thing you knew, warm arms were catching you before you hit the ground, only for everything to go black once again.





        "Are you sure....okay? ...out for awhile..." A feminine voice reached your ears, but you weren't yet awake enough to respond. 

        " rest." Another voice followed, flirtatiously. Both of these sounded familiar to you.

        You opened your eyes slowly, and the feminine one, now leaning over you, became a red blob as your eyes tried to adjust. "Hey, look."

        The other one, a silver blob slowly becoming the shape of a person, approached the two of you.

        When the image of the two of them cleared, you were only half surprised to see Laslow and Serena. Despite this, you stared at them. "You're..."

        They seemed to take that as a question, and the male gave you a smile. "My name is Inigo, and this is Severa. You were out for a long time. How are you feeling?"

        Something about him made you want to tell the truth, and so you did. "...Really confused."

        The voice of Anankos came from your other side, and you fought not to jump. You still couldn't believe you'd fainted like that. "That is to be expected." He came to you, and looked you in the eye. Well, you couldn't see his eyes, but you knew they were on yours. "...I...didn't call for you. I believe I can send you home."

        He quieted before speaking again. "Or, you could stay a little longer in order to help me." He allowed another pause as he let the words sink in, and your eyes widened in response to them. "I know you know of this world, and I know it is asking much of you. But will you stay, and help the others in their task?"

        He didn't elaborate on the task. Somehow, he knew that you already understood. 

        If you went home, it would be back to an ordinary life, but also back to everyone you know.

        If you stay, you might not survive long enough to make a return trip, but you could help the character's-no, people-take the right path.

        If you choose to go home, go to part 18.

        If you choose to stay and help, go to part 19.

A Different Fate pt7
I know some of these are extremely short, but I promise it's for the best. If you want a thread prioritized, please comment which one. Thank you.

Part 18:
Part 19:
Start Over?: A Different Fate pt1 cyoa xreader
So I noticed there is a severe lack of fanfiction for this game and I don't approve. I'm hoping to change that, and will now be posting this journal for everyone to request something they want to see. It doesn't mean I'll automatically accept it, but may as well try.

You can request anything with any of the characters. You can request Leoxreader, or KazexCamilla, doesn't matter. You can request a vague plotline or something expansive, I just want as many ideas as possible, so let's get this started.

The countdown below is not limited.

Requests Currently in progress:
1. AzuraxReader


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