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Jacqueline by sora22302
    This is Jacqueline, who was very recently adopted from FunFancyFree-Adopts .

     I imagine she's about 15 here. I'll update this with her personality and more references as I make them~
Part 8: Relations

        Making your decision, you look at her. "It's because I'm from Val-" To your surprise, the moment you started the word she launched herself forward and slammed her hand over your mouth. You stared at each other wide eyed for a moment before she stepped back, removing her hand.

        "You can't speak of it here."

        You were stunned. You had completely forgotten about the curse. At least now you knew you were in a time where the curse still existed. It dawned on you exactly what Azura just did for you. "Thank you...for not letting me disappear."

        She looked at you inquiringly and you could tell she had many questions to ask, but before she could decide to drag you to Valla herself, a girl with pink hair came running up. A girl with long, light brown hair followed behind her, and you recognized them as Princess Sakura and her retainer, Hana. Lady Sakura looked up to your Blue haired companion. "A-Azura, you have to come see!"

        Though she could clearly tell the girl was excited rather than fearful, she still asked her. "Is something wrong?"

        The girl shook her head. "N-no. It's great news! Corrin is here!" You froze. You weren't sure if this was the first time, or if the Corrin of this world had chosen Hoshido to side with.

        Azura smiled softly. "Then let's go see him." And somehow, that one reaction told you all you needed to know.


        The walk to the castle was quiet, and you introduced yourself to the two girls along the way. Sakura, after noticing you, had become much more shy. Azura, on the other hand, seemed pleased to tell you all about her home as they made their way to the center of the palace, where the rest of the royal family, including Corrin, waited. You looked at him, and were a little disappointed to find he looked just like he did in every other default picture of him. There was a small part of you that had hoped he'd looked the way you'd designed him last.

        After a moment, his eyes landed on you, and he headed in your direction. Rather than risk sounding rude by asking who you are, he turned to the two girls that accompanied you. "Who is your new friend?" Azura took on the task of introducing you, though the lack of detail seemed to confuse him. Fortunately for you, you were saved by a red haired girl stealing him away. Hinoka.

        It wasn't long before Sakura went to join them, and at last Azura turned to look at you. "Maybe we should talk while we have the opportunity."

        You looked at her and back to the rest of the royals in the room. If you went with her to Valla, you could come up with a backstory for yourself, and maybe get to stick around long enough to find a way home. On the other hand, if you went with her and you blew weren't really sure what could happen.

        You could ask to stay and meet the others. You could get on good terms with them, and figure out where in the timeline you are. But if you refuse to go with her now, she might think you're hiding something.

        If you choose to follow Azura to Valla so you can talk, go to part 20.

        If you choose to stay and talk to everyone, go to part 21.
A Different Fate pt8
I know some of these are extremely short, but I promise it's for the best. If you want a thread prioritized, please comment which one. Thank you.

Part 20:
Part 21:
Start Over?: A Different Fate pt1 cyoa xreader
Part 7: Valla

        You woke with a groan, a headache pounding above your temple. Looking around you, you saw that you were, somehow, in the ruins of Valla. Blinking, you rubbed your eyes. "Okay, I'm dreaming..."

        "This is not a dream." A voice that sounded very strange and yet familiar spoke to you. Turning to face the speaker, you saw a hooded man with blue locks of hair resting on his chest. "But I do not know how you got here."

        You barely heard him. It was one thing to dream of being in Valla, but he was here, and he was speaking to you, and he looked very real.

        You were face to face with Anankos himself.

        The next thing you knew, warm arms were catching you before you hit the ground, only for everything to go black once again.





        "Are you sure....okay? ...out for awhile..." A feminine voice reached your ears, but you weren't yet awake enough to respond. 

        " rest." Another voice followed, flirtatiously. Both of these sounded familiar to you.

        You opened your eyes slowly, and the feminine one, now leaning over you, became a red blob as your eyes tried to adjust. "Hey, look."

        The other one, a silver blob slowly becoming the shape of a person, approached the two of you.

        When the image of the two of them cleared, you were only half surprised to see Laslow and Serena. Despite this, you stared at them. "You're..."

        They seemed to take that as a question, and the male gave you a smile. "My name is Inigo, and this is Severa. You were out for a long time. How are you feeling?"

        Something about him made you want to tell the truth, and so you did. "...Really confused."

        The voice of Anankos came from your other side, and you fought not to jump. You still couldn't believe you'd fainted like that. "That is to be expected." He came to you, and looked you in the eye. Well, you couldn't see his eyes, but you knew they were on yours. "...I...didn't call for you. I believe I can send you home."

        He quieted before speaking again. "Or, you could stay a little longer in order to help me." He allowed another pause as he let the words sink in, and your eyes widened in response to them. "I know you know of this world, and I know it is asking much of you. But will you stay, and help the others in their task?"

        He didn't elaborate on the task. Somehow, he knew that you already understood. 

        If you went home, it would be back to an ordinary life, but also back to everyone you know.

        If you stay, you might not survive long enough to make a return trip, but you could help the character's-no, people-take the right path.

        If you choose to go home, go to part 18.

        If you choose to stay and help, go to part 19.

A Different Fate pt7
I know some of these are extremely short, but I promise it's for the best. If you want a thread prioritized, please comment which one. Thank you.

Part 18:
Part 19:
Start Over?: A Different Fate pt1 cyoa xreader
Part 6: Hoshido

   "Oh! My gosh, are you okay?" The sound of a familiar voice that you couldn't quite place spoke to you, but you weren't sure you were okay. You ached all over, especially your head.

        "Ngh...What happened?" Realizing you were laying on the ground, you moved to sit up, wincing as the pounding in your head increased with the effort.

        A hand landed on your shoulder, and the familiar voice spoke again. "You don't remember?" Not thinking about the consequences, you shook your head. The pain that ripped through you caused you to lean forward, bringing both hands to your face as you cried out. The voice, of a girl, you guessed, gasped. "Subaki, is Sakura still inside?" You didn't hear a response, but you assumed 'Subaki' must have given her a positive reply as she continued. "Tell her we need a healer."

        Healer? That was a weird word for a doctor. Oh, but you did feel like you needed a doctor. It felt like you'd fallen off a six story building and landed on your head (pretending that you would survive that, anyway), and you were in enough pain that you couldn't think straight. Seconds later, light footsteps came running toward you. Everything was quiet as the newcomer presumably evaluated your condition, but a few seconds later, the pain you felt dulled amazingly.

        Finally, now that the pain was gone and you could actually focus, you opened your eyes. And then you gaped at the Pinkette and the two red heads surrounding you. The pinkette looked at you with concerned eyes. "A-are you okay?" She spoke softly.

        Dumbfounded, you nodded in response. You barely noticed as a brown haired girl approached your little group. The first of the red heads, the girl that had spoken to you this entire time, seemed to inspect you before looking you in the eyes again. "Do you remember who we are?"

        You nodded again. You did know these people. You just weren't sure how they knew you. Or how you got here. Or what was going on at all. You looked at the red head. "Hinoka," and to the pinkette, "Sakura."

        A sharp intake of breath startled you as the brown haired girl, now recognized as Hana, frowned at you. "Lady." She practically hissed the word at you, and you suspected if you weren't injured moments ago, she might have hit you for it.

        Your face flushed in embarrassment as you realized your mistake, but Lady Hinoka gave a soft laugh. "Don't worry. You were just hurt, after all." That being said, she turned to look at you seriously. "Do you remember what happened now?" You gave a soft shake of your head again, and she sighed softly. "Well...I guess that's to be expected. it was a long fall." You looked at her in confusion, and she turned to the remaining member of your group, who you recognized as Subaki. You couldn't believe you didn't put the pieces together when their names were said the first time.

        Subaki looked at you apologetically. "I was training you higher up then normal...everything was going well, but for some reason your Pegasus flung you off. Lady Hinoka was heading this way and saw you, but neither of us could get to you before you hit the ground. I'm sorry..." He truly looked ashamed at his failure, and you recalled just how perfect he normally seemed to be.

        You gave a shake of your head. "I'm sure it wasn't your fault." You paused. "...I have a Pegasus?"

        Everyone stared at you, and you got the feeling you shouldn't have said that.

        Fortunately, the tension of the situation was diffused when a calm, "Did I miss something?' Came from behind you, causing you to jump. This jump, in fact, was so startling, that both the princesses in front of you jumped in return. While Sakura's retainers caught her and fawned over her, Hinoka didn't fall and and turned slightly away to hide the embarrassment on her face. She pretended not to have jumped at all, leaving both of her own retainers standing behind you.

       From the looks on their faces, Setsuna and Azama now both felt like they'd missed something.

        Face slightly red from the scene you'd just caused, you stood. Sakura looked at everyone. "W-we should probably go back." She glanced at the sky as if to drive this point, and you realized it was indeed getting late.

        Hinoka turned to her and gave a nod. "It looks like we'll be walking. It might take a bit." She turned to you before continuing. "Do you think you can walk your Pegasus back?"

        You had no clue. But it was just walking, not flying. It couldn't be too difficult.

        It was difficult.

        It turns out when Hinoka said "Walk" she didn't mean "Walk alongside the creature" she meant "ride the creature on the ground".

        Your Pegasus didn't seem to like you when you first started, clearly feeling something was amiss with its rider, but you were surprised to find that as the Hoshidan Palace came into view, you and your steed kept a comfortable pace, and it almost felt...natural. It was enough to give you time to think.

        You had no idea if you were dreaming or not, but the pain you'd felt earlier suggested you weren't. But if that was the case, was this even possible? You didn't think it would be a stretch for a land of magic to connect to several worlds, like the Awakening DLC-And yes, you questioned if that DLC existed here, but you chose to file that away for another time-, but it was much harder to imagine your world connecting to a place like this. 
It was impossible, really. And yet, you're here. And besides that, the Hoshidan's seem to know you. 

        Which then brought up more questions. So many questions it made your head spin, and you decided you needed to stop thinking about them and take one step at a time. "-ey. Hey." You blinked and looked at the person speaking to see Subaki looking at you, very concerned. He'd clearly been calling to you for awhile.

        "Oh," You started, realizing that you'd reached the stables. "Sorry, I was lost in thought." 

        Subaki frowned at you. "...Are you sure you're alright?"

        You stayed quiet a long moment before sighing softly. "No." The others turned to look at you now, equally concerned. "The truth is...I don't remember much at all. Not just what happened today, but.....most anything before that." The silence was deafening, and you wondered if you'd said too much...but the truth would have revealed itself eventually.

        Subaki was the first to break the silence. "I want to watch over you, until you're better." He turned to Sakura then, and he bowed before her. "I am your retainer, but this was my fault...and I ask for a chance to do what I can to help. Please allow another retainer-in-training to join us."

        You stared at him in utter surprise, but after a moment Lady Sakura nodded. "I-if I can be o-of help too."

        Hinoka frowned at Subaki. "Don't be ridiculous. This is just as much my fault as it is yours. I'll take responsibility." She turned to you. "You can stick to us until you get all of your memories back, okay?"

        Subaki looked like he wanted to argue, but he held his tongue. After a moment Sakura spoke once more. "Perhaps...w-we shouldn't be the ones to c-choose?" 

        Hinoka and Subaki both blinked before turning to look at you expectantly.

        If you would prefer to stay with Lady Sakura's group, go to part 15.
        If you would prefer to stay with Lady Hinoka's group, go to part 16.
        If you would prefer they didn't make you choose, go to part 17.

A Different Fate pt 6
I know some of these are extremely short, but I promise it's for the best. If you want a thread prioritized, please comment which one. Thank you.

If you've looked at the other ones, you might notice this one is a little different because you supposedly come from the game. This is on purpose, I promise.

Part 15:
Part 16:
Part 17:
Start Over?: A Different Fate pt1 cyoa xreader
    Part 5: Nohr   

     "Hey!" A rather high pitched voice grated against your throbbing head, and you winced. You slowly opened your eyes again to see a young girl with pigtails kneeling on the ground beside you. She gave you a concerned look. "Does your head hurt?" You recognized the girl and were too shocked to form a sentence, so you did the natural alternative. You nodded.

        This turned out to be a terrible idea.

        Pain raced across your head and you let out a noise of pain as you held your hands to it. The girl, Elise, gave a soft giggle despite your pain. "Oopsie. Looks like I missed a spot. Sorry." You noted that despite the laugh, she did seem genuinely sorry, and when you opened your eyes again a second later you realized the pain was completely gone. 

        You turned to thank the small healer, but before you could get a word out a very shapely woman was smothering you with very exposed flesh. "Oh, you poor dear..." Your face was turning quite red, and you weren't entirely sure if it was due to the mounds of flesh in your face, or the lack of oxygen it was causing.

        "Air-" You managed to choke out the word, and seeming to understand, the woman moved back and you got a clear look at her. Her pouting face declared her sympathy, but her eyes had a gleam to them that you couldn't quite place. She placed a hand on her hip as you took her in, and you realized you'd been staring. You averted your eyes, but the small laugh that escaped her lips told you she didn't care in the slightest. Camilla.

        Camilla and Elise. Nohr. You were in Nohr. The fictional kingdom.

        You swallowed thickly. "Wh-what happened?" You weren't sure you wanted to know the answer, and you weren't sure they would know. But it was something you needed to find out.

        Elise huffed and turned to look at someone behind you. "See what you did? Causing someone to pass out like that!"

        The person behind you replied in a calculating voice. "You wouldn't be scolding me if I had attacked an enemy."

        Elise frowned. "No, but...there wasn't an enemy. Just an innocent Nohrian that you shocked."

        "We're miles from the nearest town. Why would I think that anything out here was friendly?" A horse neighed as if in agreement, and you turned to see the Prince Leo, situated on his horse. You wouldn't say he looked apologetic, per say, but maybe a little embarrassed. He looked down at you with a frown. "Where are you from?"

        You paused. You had no idea how to explain anything. You immediately ruled out telling him the truth. He'd definitely think you were a spy or something. You quickly tried to remember all of the places in Nohr that you knew, but that wasn't much. And of those, you weren't sure where you would be welcomed. 

        You could tell him you were from Cheve. If you were early enough in the timeline of the game, you might find the rebellion and maybe go to Hoshido. If you were farther in the timeline, you might find out which path the game was on. If this could be considered a game at all anymore.

        You could tell him you were from the Ice Tribe, but you weren't sure what the relations between them and Nohr were right now, and you weren't sure how welcome you would be. On the other hand, you might end up being welcomed in and if the wind tribe had gone through the toughest segment of the war, it might be a fairly safe place to be.

        You could tell him you were from Cyrkensia, but you and the rest of the world knew very little about the city aside from its performers and the few fights in the game. However, if you weren't a singer and the game wasn't on a path to revelation, you would be essentially safe. You might even meet Layla.

        You could tell him that you don't remember, and hope that he'd be kind enough to point you in the direction of a town. Maybe you'd end up in a village with someone you've met, or maybe you'd end up somewhere not mentioned in the game at all. And if it isn't mentioned in the game, it's probably safe.

If you tell him you're from Cheve, go to part 11.

If you tell him you're from the Ice Tribe, go to part 12.

If you tell him you're from Cyrkensia, go to part 13.

If you tell him you're not sure where you're from, go to part 14.
A Different Fate pt5
I know some of these are extremely short, but I promise it's for the best. If you want a thread prioritized, please comment which one. Thank you.

Part 11:
Part 12:
Part 13:
Part 14:
Start Over?:…
So I noticed there is a severe lack of fanfiction for this game and I don't approve. I'm hoping to change that, and will now be posting this journal for everyone to request something they want to see. It doesn't mean I'll automatically accept it, but may as well try.

You can request anything with any of the characters. You can request Leoxreader, or KazexCamilla, doesn't matter. You can request a vague plotline or something expansive, I just want as many ideas as possible, so let's get this started.

The countdown below is not limited.

Requests Currently in progress:
1. AzuraxReader

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